Monday, February 29, 2016

Maximiliano Abishai | 3 1/2 - 3 2/3

{Maxi | 3 years 8 months and 2 day old}

Maximiliano decided that at 3 1/2 he would stop being a baby. All of a sudden he decided that it was time to stop breast feeding, after nursing once during the night.

 I can't say I was bummed about it, I was wishing for this day to come for months. Although I fully enjoyed nurturing and connecting with my baby trough nursing, I just needed my space badly after three and a half years. That being said, I can look back at those days of nursing Maximiliano straight into a peaceful state of sleep, holding him in my arms and looking at him and thinking how beautiful the gift of motherhood is. Sometimes I catch myself thinking back on those days and missing them very much.

A couple weeks after he stopped breastfeeding he just woke up one morning and decided he would go to the restroom on his own and from then on there was no looking back. No accidents, no wetting the bed at night. We never pushed him to use the restroom, we only suggested and encouraged but he decided when the time was right and we had no problem with it.

These are some of the things he is doing and saying, along with some of his favorite things. These are some of the things I want to be able to look back on, moments I don't want to ever forget.

Things he says and does (I could write a book quoting him):

"I want a little hug." "I want a big hug."
This boy of mine is a big fan of hugs, he is forever asking for hugs. Little ones and big ones and group hugs and just hugs, hugs, hugs. I couldn't be happier of course since hugging him is my favorite!

"May I have water?" "May I watch something?" "Will you help me?"
Seriously? I don't even speak as correct as he does haha. He just melts my heart when I hear him ask so kindly and politely, makes it impossible to say no at times,

"Mama, you make my heart."

After he ate his lunch, he walks up to me and says: "I loved the food mama, thank you for make it!" and gives me a hug and kiss. Like how did I get so lucky?

While I'm putting on lipsticks: "I like your make up mama."

When I raised my voice: "Mama you made me mad, make me happy again!"
Another time I raised my voice: "love me again!"
These two literally broke my heart.

Also his thing to say is "Relax down!". He just combined relax and calm down and it's the funniest thing.

When Damian asked him to help him pick up his cars: "I'm dizzy (busy)."

Me: "Maxi what are you doing?"
Maxi: "Eating gummy bears."
Me: "Why?"
Maxi: "Cause I'm a man."

Also his wise message to start off the year: "Just be patient... (walks away, sits on the couch) that is the magic trick."

Last week I took him to the doctors for a mild rash on his back and everything turned out fine, doctor said it would go away in 2-6 weeks on it's own but he recommended the flu shot after I mentioned a cough that just won't go away. I explained to the dr. that I would rather come back on another day because I had already promised him that he wouldn't get a shot that day, to which he responded by telling Maximiliano that it wasn't my fault and it was so he wouldn't get sick. He also told Maxi that, and I quote "with that smile! you're gonna go a long waaay!" The Dr didn't give a crap about my request and sent the assistant with the shot anyway, you should have seen the look Maxi gave me, it broke my heart. His teary eyes said it all, "buttt mom you said I wouldn't get a shot." He kept on asking the nurse assistant "but whyyy?". Being a mom is a though job. He was still such a brave little guy about the whole thing and the highlight of my day was when right before he went to bed he said: "mama, thank you for taking me to the doctor." He is just the best, Always so thankful. On the weekend after taking him to the park he says; "papa, thank you for taking me to the park."

Some of his favorite thing:

On some days it's quesadillas, on other days it's chicken and rice, but these two meals are his absolute favorite. Although, that boy loves all food, the other night I roasted some broccoli and he would not stop asking for more "boccoli". Recently he started asking for oozy eggs (eggs over easy) for breakfast. I love that he named them oozy eggs. His favorite food when we go out to eat: pho and pizza and the other day out of the blue he says "mama, I have a good idea, let's go to jack in the box, they have french fries and chicken nuggets and I'm hungry, let's walk there."

Playskool avenger figures (he's missing silver surfer and he asks for him all the time, "for my birthday, pleeeease?" apparently he's discontinued or something and runs from 60 and up on amazon) and marvel playskool potato heads.

Playing with toys mentioned above, walking, exploring, collecting snails (he gets very attached), "making science" (I usually let him play with vinegar and baking soda while I do house chores), watching youtube toy videos (my son is not the exception) and dressing up in his super hero costumes to "fight the bad guys".


Maximiliano, never change. It's hard to get my thoughts all straightened out and type out every single great thing about you. Just know that you have brought so much happiness to everyone around you. You are my little ray of sunshine, I love you more than all the stars.

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