Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Been hoarding some links, my bookmarks are getting out of control so here are my current favorites:

- How to roast a chicken. Roasted two chickens today, using this recipe. Highly recommended, was always too scared to roast a whole chicken but this recipe made it look so simple that I went ahead and tried it out. The chicken comes out so juicy, even the breast! Also, truss the chicken!

- Almond joy overnight oats. Sometimes I just want to wake up and have breakfast ready. It doesn't get better than coconut + chocolate.

- Healthy peanut butter fudge. Need to make these this weekend for when my sweet tooth kicks in. I Made healthy Reese's once and they were as good as the not so healthy ones you get at the grocery store. They kept great in the freezer and were great to satisfy the sugar cravings.

- Homemade mayo in two minutes. Made my own mayo while I was on whole30 last summer and it really is so simple! This video shows you exactly how to, in less than two minutes.

- Madewell's spring collection is so dreamy. 

- This birthday party is the cutest and looks like so much fun!

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