Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Valentine's Day

On Valentine's day I woke up early in the morning to use the restroom and found a surprise on the dining table. A coconut iced latte, a big chocolate covered strawberry, and a wrapped, heart shaped box. I already knew the box contained chocolate but on top of the box was a little silver heart shaped locket with engraved flower detail and inside a picture of Maximiliano. I started tearing up at this, I've been very sentimental lately and I wasn't expecting this surprise at all. 

We all hung out in bed for a while, being lazy. We finally decided to get ready and head out to grab some banh mi and spring rolls for Maxi and then to the park for a nice picnic. The weather was absolute bliss, We ate our food, hung out soaking in the sun, Damian and Maxi kicked around the soccer ball. Before leaving, Damian gave Maxi his surprise. He was the happiest with his new transformer dog and played with it for ever until he said he was ready to go home (so he could reunite servo with the rest of his transformers).

Later that night I cooked pasta and chicken for dinner and enjoyed it with some nice red wine. The day was as lovely as I could have imagined it.

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